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Volunteer Application


Please Note: All form fields are required to be completed. If an answer does not appear applicable, you MUST fill it in with "N/A".

Check all that you can offer as a volunteer.
Check all that you want to assist with, as a volunteer.

I, the undersigned, understand and agree to all the following.


Allow an initial home visit by a German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue Pennsylvania (GSPRPA) representative prior to volunteering.


Allow future home visits by a GSPRPA representative while volunteering.


Permit GSPRPA to confirm references.


Understand there is no compensation for any time spent volunteering for GSPRPA.


Understand that adoption donations and fundraising efforts contribute to direct dog care and that it is not a policy to reimburse for any or all costs, but as funds permit.


Understand that it is my decision whether or not to foster any particular German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP).


Ensure foster GSPs in my care are evaluated, altered and up to date on vaccinations prior to placement.


Maintain proper records of foster GSPs in my care and provide copies to GSPRPA.


Maintain communications with GSPRPA regarding updates on dogs, adoptions, and any other rescue related issues.


Understand that GSPs in the program are the property of GSPRPA and must be placed with a contract.


If for any reason I am no longer able to provide foster care, I agree to return foster GSP to GSPRPA and return any property that belongs to GSPRPA including crates, leashes, collars, and any other items purchased by or donated to GSPRPA.


Represent GSPRPA, the GSPs in the program and the GSP breed to the best of my ability.


I elect to voluntarily participate in GSPRPA's activity and accept there are risks and hazards with dogs that exhibit a variety of behaviors at different times in the same or different circumstances, and may have potential health issues.


In consideration for receiving permission to volunteer my services, I will not bring suit against German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue Pennsylvania including, but not limited to, its Board of Directors, Officers, servants, agents and volunteers from any and all liability claims, demands, actions and causes of action arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, or to any financial loss or property while participating in such activity.


I agree that I will be responsible for any legal fees and other costs which GSPRPA must expend to enforce my compliance with the foregoing items or as a result of my providing false information on this form.

By entering my name below and submitting my volunteer application, I agree that I have carefully read this agreement and fully understand the contents. Please print your completed form before submitting for your records.

By entering your name you agree to the above: 

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