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Meet Sasha. 

Sasha is a three-year-old GSP, rescued from a puppy mill. Sasha has had many litters in her short life. She’s a very sweet dog and learns new things every day. She is afraid of a lot as she did not have a good life. Sasha lived in a small dirty shed with small kenneled areas with inside and outside runs and no heat, with little human contact.


Sasha is a bit of a Velcro dog as loves to be with her foster Mom as much as possible, always close beside her. On New Year’s Day, she ran a little for the first time, finally understanding she was free to run in the yard. She has very nice house manners and is quite calm for a GSP. She has a wonderful temperament, so loving. She has been around the foster home's grandchild who is 16 months old and is quite sweet with her.

When Sasha first came into foster care, she would “bunny hop” and after some x-rays, she was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia. She is on medications but has shown little improvement. Sasha requires very expensive surgery to correct the problem and finally discover true freedom and the joys of being a young GSP.

The veterinary bills to date have far exceeded our expectations and surgery is planned for February 22, 2023.  Please for the #fortheSakeofSasha make a donation today. Thanks


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